Gerhard’s Circle of Friends

Gerhard Lauck is well-known.

He has many friends. More than he knows. He also has many enemies, some of whom he treasures almost as much as friends. “Many enemies, much honor!” – “The greatest damage has not yet been inflicted on me by an enemy,” Gerhard Lauck explains with a smile.

Already as a child, Gerhard Lauck was simultaneously a friend of animals and an enemy of “homo sapiens” He led his young comrades in “war” against the “enemy”, namely another band of boys. There were no dead or wounded, of course. We “adults” should learn how to wage this kind of “war”. Children are not so dumb!

Born in the year 1953 in “Little Germany”, Milwaukee, in the most U.S. state of Wisconsin, Gerhard Lauch thought the whole world was German or at least pro-German.

In 1964 the father of the now 11 year old accepted a professorship in Lincoln, Nebraska’s capital. Although the population was for the most part of German descent, it thinks and feels less German than the friends and acquaintances in Wisconsin. There were fist fights. The already very ethnically conscious lad only became even more fanatically nationalistic by this. Already as a 14 year old, Gerhard Lauck became an affirming person acting out of conviction.

But this web-site is not about his work as a political activist, rather as a human rights activist, book author and prairie philosopher, the dear fellow citizen, whom the mayor of the town of Syracuse described to DER SPIEGEL magazine as an “exemplary citizen”. Hence the MAN Gerhard Lauck. (He himself claims not to be a homo sapiens at all, rather an “honorary doggie”. As proof of this, he refers to his reputation as a “brown beast”.)

Gerhard Lauck is proud that he is of German descent on both his father’s (Lauck and Hein) and mother’s (Preuss and Pahl) side.

The ancestors of Gerhard Lauck were Hessian officers in the American Revolution. They lived in Pennsylvania, later Wisconsin, and finally in Nebraska. On his mother’s side, they were Prussian peasants who hailed from Blutwinkel (East-Brandenburg), Danzig and Königsberg. The well-know comedian Chester Lauck was related to him. He bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Otto Preuss, who was born in Germany and named after Otto Bismarck.

The secondary school student Gerhard had very good grades. He studied German at the same university where his father taught engineering and thermodynamics.

Although an ethnic German, Gerhard Lauck acknowledges his duties as a U.S. citizen. He states that he respects the revered American tradition that every patriotic citizen must (at the very least) distrust the U.S. government. Although nominated to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, he declined, in order to became a political soldier at the age of 17.

In nationalistic German-American associations and circles, Gerhard Lauck found like-minded people. Some were former BUND members, other German war veterans of the FIRST World War, who had emigrated to America in the 1920s. He initially wrote letters-to-the-editor, later articles, for their periodicals. A short essay by him appeared in NATION EUROPA on the occasion of a competition for young authors.

In the autumn of 1972, he traveled to Germany for the first time, delivered a brief address to the National European Youth Congress in Planegg near Munich and became acquainted with many very interesting like-minded people. After his return, Gerhard Lauck founded an organization, which soon harvested general recognition from friend and foe.

In the 1980s his life became a bit quieter. Others, such as, for example, Michael Kuehnen, bore the main burden of the struggle. Gerhard Lauck, on the other hand, decided to become a business man. Thanks to his experience in mail order – within the framework of the last of the above-mentioned organizations –  he was granted a job interview. Thanks to his test score – he had the highest score in the whole history of the firm – his employment was certain.

A Jewish self-made millionaire personally trained him to become his successor. This fine example of German-Jewish reconciliation lasted for ten years. After the Fall of the Wall, the time was again ripe. Gerhard Lauck gave up his job and rushed as political soldier to the flag sacred to him, to Germany’s (partial) reunification. Now he again stood in the fight for the elimination of the occupation regime as the precondition for the restoration of the German Reich.

The following five years brought unprecedented progress! Gerhard Lauck’s organization achieved a new high point. The highest offices of the regime “concerned” themselves quite personally with it. Among them the Justice Minister, Minister of the Interior, Minister of the Post Office, the Political Police director, the Intelligence Agency director, the Office of the Chancellor and the head of the American “Federal Bureau of Investigation” (FBI). A whole special unit occupied itself exclusively with Lauck’s organization and was in weekly contact with the U.S. authorities.

Preempting an attack under the mantle of combating international terrorism, Gerhard Lauck traveled to Denmark in the year 1995 as a diversionary manoeuvre. It worked splendidly! The storm abated. The danger disappeared.

Gerhard Lauck was even allowed to take a long overdue vacation (his second) at state-expense. Initially in Denmark, where he was so popular that it required a ruling by the Supreme Court to enable his continued travel. It took place in a private jet with honor escort of several Danish officials! An armored luxury limousine waited for him upon his arrival in Hamburg, hence the same German city, where he had made headlines in the year 1974 on the occasion of his witty address in the Hamburger Haus des Sports. The event organizer was Thies Christophersen.

In Germany he was even more popular! Six different hotels competed to be allowed to receive him as a guest. Again, he become acquainted with many interesting people of the widest variety, gained new knowledge, read many books and conducted a vigorous correspondence with his numerous female admirers. His nude photo (a baby photo, nothing of immoral nature!) was a hotly desired souvenir, which he sent to his following by the dozens. Without the energetic and generous support of a – today no longer existing , unfortunately – prisoner aid organization – he would have hardly been able to purchase enough postage stamps.

Gerhard Lauck frequently has visits. The pretty young women were very nice and patient, if he occasionally kissed them not on the cheek, rather on the mouth. Accidentally, naturally. One time THREE pretty women sat around his table…A retired police official visited him several times.

A short excursion trip to Dresden offered Gerhard Lauck a little change of pace. His appearance there was entertaining. The grateful judge promised to extend his vacation a little, but did not keep his promise, unfortunately.

As is well-known, time passes much too quickly, when one is having fun. In a flash, the vacation the over. He had to return home. His overworked co-workers finally wanted some relief. The lazy ones was supposedly to get used to his life of luxury being over. Gerhard Lauck went to work again. The following decade caused less commotion. But the next one…

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